Out of School

In addition to the academic curriculum, we offer our pupils the widest possible range of experiences and opportunities. Apart from the many school trips available, some of which are included in the curriculum, every child has access to a varied programme of over 40 clubs and activities and each child takes part in a Leadership Course.

All children also take part in plays, either acting or in a technical role and many participate in music groups, with about half our pupils learning at least one musical instrument.

Other regular items in the School diary include:

  • Year 7 Bonding and overnight camping
  • Years 3/4/5 & 6 Activities Week
  • Grandparents Day
  • Cultural Evenings
  • Confirmation Services
  • Friends of Belmont events
  • Leadership courses

We place a very high importance on pupils’ involvement in the activities programme and we report each term to parents on their children's participation and progress.

“Sometimes, however, it is when we look beyond the formal curriculum and exams that pupils show what they are capable of.” Leon Roberts, Headmaster