Unfolding Spaces

The Unfolding Spaces 2017/18 campaign has only recently been launched but the response has been great with parents getting behind the Sixth Form Centre at Mill Hill and the New Building at Belmont with its superb D&T and IT suites. For more information about the campaign and details of how you too can get involved please visit the Support Our Schools website.

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Rubbing shoulders with Picasso

Belmont Art on display in the Tate Modern

Art created by the Belmont children was exhibited at the Tate Modern last weekend.

The children have worked with Mr McNulty to create some mesmerising films which were on display.

All the children were shown a short film about the exhibition during Monday’s assembly.

It goes without saying that the children are all very proud of this fantastic achievement.

Mr McNulty is keen to further develop Belmont’s partnership with the Tate.

He keeping his fingers crossed to get his own solo show at the Tate later on in his career!

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Year 6 Life Skills

On Wednesday early break, the whole of Year 6 boarded the coach to the ‘Hazard Alley Safety Centre’ in Milton Keynes. They enjoyed a very speedy lunch in the sunshine, before spending the afternoon inside the ‘life size’ village. Here they encountered a range of ‘hazards’ such as; what to do in the event of a fire in the home, raising awareness of hazards associated with swimming anywhere other than a swimming pool and how to respond to an emergency and put someone into the recovery position. This interactive learning experience gave pupils the opportunity to develop vital knowledge and strategies on how to stay safe. Highlights of the day included being scared to death by a gigantic spider in the alley, pupils making 999 calls with one group forgetting about poor Grandad and Miss Hockley being told off for nearly crossing the road at the wrong place and being instructed to walk all the way around and use the crossing. A superb day out with Year 6. Thank you to all the staff who attended and supported the trip.

Miss Anderson

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National Science Week

This week was National Science Week. Our Y5 Belmont pupils enjoyed a visit to Mill Hill where they experienced Physics, Chemistry and Biology lessons, taught by Mill Hill Science staff and aided by some Y9 and Y10 Ex-Belmontian pupils. The theme was ‘Change’ and we focussed on the theme of Outer Space.

In Chemistry the Y5 pupils investigated rocket fuels mixing solids, liquids and gases. In one of the photos you see a small hydrogen balloon explodes (safely!) in front of them! In Physics the Y5’s studied rocket trajectory, filling pressurised plastic rockets with water, whilst pumping air under pressure; learning that the best trajectory was an angle of approximately 45 degrees. Finally in Biology our budding scientists studied Astronaut urine, testing it for dilute, red blood cells and diabetes, in order to conclude if certain astronauts would be healthy enough to travel into the darkest depths of Outer Space.

Belmont also invited Y1’s from Grimsdel for their own rocket experiments. Here the Y5 displayed their own leadership skills, this time with Alka-Seltzer rockets. The Y1’s engaged in scientific discussion as to which ratio of tablet to water was the best mix for shooting the plastic film canister highest into the air. Dissolving the tablets -solid to liquid with an emission of gas fitting in nicely into the theme of ‘Change’.

The looks of amazement and smiling faces of all our Belmont and Grimsdel pupils said it all!

Our Y5 students thoroughly enjoyed their week’s experiments – who knows maybe one day one of them may even be the next Tim Peake in Space!

R Baker (Head of Lower School Science)

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High Five(s)!

Our U11s travelled to Eton College last Thursday to compete in the National Fives Championships. With all boys playing fantastically throughout the day, our boys glided through the competition with our final Belmont pair eventually losing out in the semi-final stage to the ultimate winners Berkhamsted School. Reaching the semi-finals at the nationals is a wonderful achievement as it marks the best ever result from a Belmont pair at any age group, so the boys ought to be hugely proud of themselves. After a quick stop to visit the original Fives court by Eton’s chapel, the boys returned to Belmont, exhausted but with a record on their hands (or should we say Fives glove?).

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Year 8: The Globe Trip

On Tuesday, the whole of Year 8 went to The Globe Theatre in Southwark for a tour and a workshop with its professional actors. In preparation for their study of ‘Macbeth’ at Mill Hill, and on the back of their learning of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in autumn term, the trip was an opportunity to engage with, and enjoy, Shakespeare’s language in performance.

On our trip to The Globe, I learnt that the original Globe Theatre was built in 1559, but was burnt down in 1613. I was surprised that this theatre was then not rebuilt again until 1997. Shakespeare was a part owner of the theatre and many of his plays were shown there in the 16th century.

The Globe is nothing like most modern theatres, as it only has a roof around the edges of the three floor of seats, and most of the audience stand in the open air. It used to show many plays at a time, and people would eat and drink while watching.

For the workshop with Lower School, I taught the Year 5s in my group about using freeze frame. This is when an actor freezes his position in the middle of doing an action, and then delivers their lines. This helps to show the audience an important image in the scene.

I enjoyed hearing about The Globe’s history and I like the idea of an open air theatre. I also liked its extraordinary shape and learning about how to perform ‘in the round’. Overall, I loved teaching the Year 5s and the trip was a huge success. I hope to go again.

Freddie, Y8

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World Book Day

The World Book Day dress up parade, on Thursday 2nd of March, was a very exciting event. This year, students in all year groups had the opportunity to come into school as their favourite character and all students, and teachers too, made an incredibly imaginative effort to dress up.

It was wonderful to see all of Lower School dressed up for the day and, despite the windy conditions during the parade, lots of fun was had. Thank you to all the parents who put such effort into the costumes. The children looked amazing and it was entertaining to guess who everyone was.

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Reading Week: Cas Lester Author Visit

The children’s writer, and former executive producer of children’s TV dramas for CBBC, came in to talk about her books involving a mischievous fairy called Nixie. She also gave a talk about what is involved in filming and putting together a television drama.

Cas Lester with children

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Reading Week: Decorating Classroom Doors

Well done to 3NH for winning the classroom-door decorating competition and to all the classes who brightened up the week with their colourful designs. Some are shown below…

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Year 6: Victorian Day

On Monday, Year 6 created a huge variety of stalls, following extended research they had done on the back of their class text reading of Berlie Doherty’s ‘Street Child’. It was a highly imaginative and inspiring morning, which really showcased Year 6’s variety of talents and interests. Well done to all the groups for their outstanding efforts and to all students for taking part with enthusiasm.

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Year 7: Performance Poetry Workshops

Mr Unwin led a poetry workshop to inspire and encourage our budding performance poets in Year 7. Pupils were treated to a special recital and reminded that you don’t need to be a lyrical genius to write poetry – you just need a bit of passion and the confidence to have a go! The response was fantastic, with a number of children entering the Year 7 poetry competition at the end of the week. Well done to all involved.

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Our Belmont U9A team placed 2nd at the National Schools Championship zone stage qualifying for the National Semi-finals. Belmont has similar success with our B team who placed 7th overall. This is a fantastic achievement and we are very proud of all our burgeoning chess masters.

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Inter-schools OTI

The annual Belmont Inter-school OTI competitions took place this week on Tuesday and Wednesday and with over 40 teams running across the two days it was fantastic event. The U13 event took place on Tuesday with the two boys’ teams finishing in 4th and 9th place, and the girls finishing in 7th and 10th place. All of the runners put in a great performance in some wet conditions. On Wednesday, the U11s took to the field and again put in an excellent performance. The two girls’ teams finished in 5th and 11th place, with the boys finishing 2nd and 8th. A special mention should go to Archie in Y6 who recorded the fastest overall boys score on the day with an impressive time of 4.59. In addition, there were several Year 4 runners who made the U11 team; a superb achievement and experience for them too.

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Y5 Design & Technology Competition at St John’s School

Seven creative Year 5 students set off early on Tuesday morning to travel to St John’s School for their annual Design & Technology competition. There were 11 teams from eight different schools. After watching the trailer for the Lego Batman movie, the challenge was to design a new superhero to look after Robin and assist Batman in defeating the baddies! The practical task required the children to make a machine to catapult a Lego figure as far as possible – one team managed over 11 metres! There were some amazing creations from the students and the Belmont entries of The Tape Tower and The Bob-Mobile stood up well, finishing 5th and 7th respectively.

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Y8 ‘David’ Performance

Once again, our annual Year 8 performance was spectacular, with our cast leaving the audience marvelling at their talents. In a script written by our phenomenally talented Head of Year 8, Mrs Russo, equip with an original score by our in house music teacher/composer extraordinaire Mr Warren the children delivered a mature, accomplished production. Suffice to say it was a ‘Goliath’ success! Congratulations Year 8.

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Ski Trip to Les Orres

During the half term, 40 Belmont skiers travelled to Les Orres, in the French Alps, to enjoy a week on the slopes. The weather was beautiful and our pupils had a wonderful time improving their technique, resulting in all returning with their own personal skiing triumph. A huge thank you to Mr Spink for organising the trip and to our wonderful teachers for supervising for the week.

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Year 7 Rock Out!

Last night Year 7 pupils watched our budding superstar Amma perform in the West End musical ‘School of Rock’. The production was fantastic, with great dance routines, catchy songs and funny jokes. Amma shone in her role as Tomeka, the shy member of the class (that is until she finds her voice, and what a voice!) Amma sang her solos beautifully and her dancing and acting were outstanding. We were all so proud to see her on stage and gave her a huge cheer and standing ovation when the show ended.

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Belmont Maths Day

Monday afternoon (Years 3-4) and Tuesday morning (Years 5-7) saw Belmont pupils engaging their minds in a carousel of mathematical games, puzzles and activities. The activities were run by the Maths Department and tested numeracy, data handling, logical deduction, problem solving, visual perception and sequencing skills. The children greatly enjoyed the event and competed in mixed ability house teams. Well done to all our budding Belmont mathematicians!

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Belmont Wins the Year 5 Inter-Schools Maths Challenge

A team of six budding mathematicians represented Belmont in the Year 5 Inter-school Maths challenge on Tuesday afternoon. Competing against top mathematicians from 20 different schools, Belmont secured victory with one of our pairs wining the competition overall! A superb result against tough competition.

Belmont (Mill Hill) 1 156
St Columba’s College Prep School 2 140
Courtland Primary 3 126
Westminister Under School 4 124
Mathilda Marks Kennedy 5 118
Aldwickbury 6 117
Sinai Jewish Primary School 7 116
Naima JPS 8 115
Highgate Junior School 9 113
Quainton Hall School 10 110
University College School 11 109
North London Collegiate School 12 107

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Harry Potter Book Night

Last Thursday 2nd February, pupils were transported to Hogwarts during lunchtime to celebrate Harry Potter Book Night. A few weeks prior, Wizarding English teacher Madame Pople challenged her Year 6 pupils to design, set up and run Potter-themed activities suitable for Lower School pupils. Split into 4 teams, each group came up with a range of highly creative and interesting games: Gryffindor had a blindfolded guess-the-objects game; Hufflepuff came up with a variety of wordsearches, drawing and quizzes; Slytherin created a fiendish guessing game, and Ravenclaw ran a timed treasure hunt, where the fastest pupils earned an additional prize!

The fun continued through Upper School lunchtime with a selection of quizzes and creative activities, plus the Gryffindor team running a second session of their objects game.

Huge thanks to Madame Pople and her Year 6 class, Professor Bufton for organising and everyone who came along to enjoy the fun!

Mrs Hunt, Librarian (and proud Hufflepuff!)

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Fives Master Visits Belmont

Belmont Fives has had a very busy half term with lots of fixtures and fantastic numbers of pupils now playing in the after school clubs. This half term ended with a real treat and on Monday 17th October, Belmont were privileged to have a fives coaching masterclass session occur with Mr Seb Cooley who is currently ranked number 1 in the country and winner of the men’s national championships for the last 5 years.

13 Belmont boys ranging from year 6 to year 8 took part in this session and practiced a number of different drills and got a lot of coaching on their technique and match play. It was fantastic to see so many taking on board everything that was said and getting so involved in the session. Some of the boys even asked to get his autograph on their gloves afterwards! Overall, a fantastic afternoon over on the fives courts and a fantastic half term of fives!

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The ABC Ball

On Saturday 8th October, 400 parents and members of staff from across the Foundation gathered at the RAF Museum for the first ABC Ball sponsored by Aurium Capital Markets.

The evening began in the Milestones and Historic Hangars for a drinks reception. Parents mingled and chatted amongst the stunning exhibition of some of the earliest aircraft to have ever been built, whilst listening to the Mill Hill School Jazz band conducted by Music Director Kevin Kyle.

Guests were then led from the Reception area by a techno drummer and dancers on stilts to the dining area where they enjoyed a scrumptious three course meal served under the wings of a Lancaster Bomber.

We were very lucky to be joined by Leanne Armitage, a former bursary recipient who spoke fondly of her time at Mill Hill and the positive effect the opportunity has had on her life.

Rockaoke supplied the entertainment for the night giving the ‘popstars’ amongst the crowd the chance to shine, singing their favourite tunes accompanied by a live band.

There were fantastic Lots to bid on in both the Live and Silent Auctions with the money raised adding to our fundraising efforts. We will be announcing the total amount raised soon.

It was a fabulous night of socialising, singing and dancing and of course fundraising for A Better Chance Bursaries.

Click here to see more ABC Ball 2016 pictures.

Thank you to all those who helped make the evening possible.

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Marvellous Macmillan

A medley of magnificent cakes adorned the tables around the sunken garden on Friday for the annual ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

We were blessed with bright blue skies and gorgeous Autumn sunshine for yet another year. Activity was frenetic with the ever-popular ‘Guess the Number of Spots on the Cake competition. Similarly, the children were very enthusiastic in purchasing plenty of raffle tickets in their morning break time for the highly desirable prize of Amazon vouchers.

Parents and pupils alike supported this event wholeheartedly as always, making it a great success. Thanks and warm appreciation goes to Hema Parmar for her fabulous organisation of the event, and to all the FOB supporters and teachers.

In total we raised £1,034 for this important charity, making a grand total of £19,085 raised since 2002.

Well done to everyone involved!

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The Belmont Putter

Just over a week ago the annual Belmont Putter competition took place at Arkley Golf Club. Despite its best efforts the weather was not going to affect the tremendous efforts made by Heidi Parfitt, on behalf of the FOB, to organise and run this year’s fabulous event.

This year we were blessed with new golfing talent emerging from the younger year groups—golf at Belmont promises an exciting future.

The overall competition was won by the Spencer and Fitzpatrick families.

If you are interested in golf and missed this event please do enter the next event in June, the Rooker Roberts Cup.

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Jeans for Genes Day

Friday morning saw school uniform exchanged for swathes of denim as Belmont supported the nationwide Jeans for Genes day effort. Jeans for Genes is an initiative set up by Genetic Disorders UK who work with children diagnosed with genetic disorders. Currently in the UK, 1 in 25 children are diagnosed with a genetic disorder so any contribution from our children will make a huge difference to so many lives.

For the first time ever, inspired by the baking fever sweeping through the nation, we hosted a denim bake sale and as you can see we were inundated with some seriously impressive goodies. We thank Mrs Lawson for organising such a wonderful event and to all our Belmontians for fully supporting such an wonderful charity.

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Welcome Back

Last Thursday saw the start of our new academic year here at Belmont. Mr Roberts was on hand to greet the pupils at the top crossing as they embarked on a new chapter of their school life. Familiar faces were reunited in the quad as students lined up to meet their new form tutors and new faces were lit up with excitement ready to start their Belmont journey.

We wish all our pupils and families an excellent academic year ahead!

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