Improving Our School

Mill Hill School, which had been established in 1807, started discussions about opening a Junior House around 1910 and in September 1912 Belmont Junior House became a reality. They had one student: Harold Pearse Soundy. By the summer term 1913, twelve boys were attending the school.

A wide variety of academic and sporting choices were available from the first days. Children were encouraged to stretch themselves academically and explore wider opportunities. The school has always been known for its family atmosphere. In our archives there are many testimonials describing the loving, caring atmosphere at the school. ‘A true sense of belonging and encouragement on a consistent basis.’

Belmont, now called Belmont Mill Hill Preparatory School, has gone from strength to strength. It maintains its original ethos of educating the ‘whole child’, with encouragement and support on every level. A decision to integrate girls into the school was made in 1995; Belmont has since flourished as a co-educational day school. We are proud to maintain our ‘family’ atmosphere, where all our staff take a passionate interest in educating children as individuals. Ours is a truly special school with a unique history.

Belmont Mill Hill Preparatory School is continually developing its facilities. In 2002, the Jubilee Building was opened by Matthew Baldwin (an Old Belmontian and Old Millhillian). The Jubilee Building, a two storey building, hosts the school kitchen, dining room and multi-purpose hall down stairs and the six classrooms that are dedicated to children in the Lower School. In 2014, the Michael Proctor Building was opened. The Michael Proctor building has two state of the art Science labs, a multi-purpose large space and six spacious classrooms.

In July 2016 the Governors announced that a new building project would be started. The new building, yet to be named, sits between the Proctor building and the original school buildings. The new building aims to help to facilitate the school in preparing Belmontians to be ready for the challenges of the 21st Century. The Lower Ground floor, will consist of a new Computing suite and a new Design and Technology suite all closely linked to the Michael Proctor science laboratories creating an area that will inspire innovation, construction and design. On the Ground Floor we will see three classrooms. These classrooms will allow the removal of the temporary huts and allow the Masters Lawn to be returned to its former glory.

“Whenever we return to Belmont, it feels like we never left, like it was just yesterday. The school has moved forward, but the warm family atmosphere is still there.” Mrs Heather Baim